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Morality Researcher Under Investigation

What happens to the field of moral psychology when one of its most prominent researchers is under investigation for tampering with his findings? This question is anything but academic since the news broke this week about a years-long investigation at … Continue reading

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Morality Is the Problem We Refuse to Face

As I continue to wade through the discussions from the Edge Foundation’s conference on The New Science of Morality, I keep bumping into ideas that set off fireworks in my brain. These, by the way, are delicious, sweet fireworks. Today … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Liberal

It’s been weeks since the Edge Foundation held its amazing conference on The New Science of Morality, and I still haven’t been able to digest all that was discussed. I couldn’t attend this select meeting, but like many other people, … Continue reading

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How Do You Practice Goodness?

I’m not only seeking an intellectual understanding of goodness on this quest, but also a path to practicing goodness. The problem, of course, is figuring out how to actually do that. In other words, how exactly does a human being … Continue reading

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Sam Harris, Science and a Universal Morality

Bestselling author Sam Harris has proposed yet another heretical idea:  the notion that science can and should answer questions of good and evil, right and wrong. He appears to be arguing that  science should shape morality and define goodness and … Continue reading

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Proposition 8 and Sadness

I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled goodness programming to contemplate an issue of politics and civil rights, and to take note of the federal court ruling overturning Proposition 8. To my thinking, this decision is a very good thing, but I … Continue reading

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The Soul-Crushing Boredom, Banality, etc., of Goodness

Goodness is hideously boring, banal, unsophisticated and ignorant of the realities of life, among many other things, or at least that’s what I’ve been told as I’ve journeyed on this quest. Not everyone has this attitude, but some do. As … Continue reading

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An Aspiration

A wise friend suggested to me the other day that goodness is not a state of being, or even a set of actions. Goodness, she said, is an aspiration. “I start each day seeking to be good and always fail, … Continue reading

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Days 53 – 63: The Log

I’ve now completed two months of this quest. I’m 63 days, two interviews, 65 posts, 96 comments and a dozen Facebook discussions into this thing, and I don’t have much of an answer yet. I do know that when first … Continue reading

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