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Compassion and Gender Differences

A new brain imaging study shows that women may be hard-wired to respond to images more compassionately than men.  If compassion is a key component of moral goodness, then does this finding imply that women are more capable of goodness … Continue reading

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23 Days and Counting

This part of my journey is quickly coming to an end. Only 23 days left until I have to come up with my own answer to the question: What is goodness? I actually think I have an answer. It may … Continue reading

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On the Road Again

I’m hitting the road this morning for my day job. Posting may be mild to intermittent over the next week. On the other hand, I’ve got a 6-hour drive in front of me, so I will have time to think. … Continue reading

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Dancing on Osama’s Grave, ctd.

My good friend Susan Cooper sends these thoughts along: Wondering what, where, how this event will be part of your examination of “Good.” Another friend of mine on here likened the death of Bin Laden to the death of Hitler. … Continue reading

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Dancing on Osama’s Grave

I believe in the Golden Rule and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. I abhor the death penalty, which I think does more harm than good. Last night when I heard the news that Osama … Continue reading

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