Day 2 – The Log

This blog is the log of my (and our) expedition into the wilds of morality, so it seems, ah, right to make a log entry, charting each day’s progress. Here is the log for Day 2 of the expedition.

  • I drafted a post reporting my first attempt to envision goodness. (I know this is a blog, and I’m supposed to write fast, but the topic of goodness takes more than a little thought. Sometimes I write two or three drafts before posting.)
  • I’ve begun researching video and audio equipment to record interviews and events.
  • I’m contemplating people to interview. (I’d love to hear who you think I should interview.)
  • And I’m doing stuff that have nothing to do with this quest so I can pay my bills. (For example, prepping for a class I’m teaching.)

All in all, it’s been a pretty good day. Busy, but it is so soul-satisfyingly wonderful to work on what’s important to me. (i.e. this quest) May your day have been as joyful.

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