Day 11 – The Log

Yesterday I was all love, peace, joy and goodness abounding. Today I’m just tired, and the idea that there might be goodness somewhere in the world seems, well, ridiculous. So much for the great soothing qualities of contemplating goodness every day for 11 straight days!

Of course the problem today was that I didn’t spend much time on my quest. Instead of pondering goodness, I was slamming the computer keys to provide feedback to my grant-writing students. Two interruptions to take care of minor issues for a writing client slowed me down and kept me at the computer too long. This came after I began the day by mowing the lawn, early enough I had hoped to beat the heat, yet I still feel sapped by my morning soiree behind that stubborn mower. And then there was the argument I had with my mother. (You don’t want to know.)

This is the life of the body and emotions. I suspect this is at least one reason why finding/being/acting out of goodness is so difficult, and this wasn’t even a particularly hard day. No wonder humanity struggles so much.

Questions for the Day: Do monks and nuns who withdraw from the world for lives of contemplation take the easy way out? Is the far harder spiritual practice to be in the world every day?

May your evening be cool and quiet.

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One Response to Day 11 – The Log

  1. It seems to me I once heard Thich Nhat Hahn observe that it was much more difficult to follow the Zen path in the US in daily life than at his Plum Village retreat in France. So the answer is probably yes.

    One of the things I like about Aikido training (sorry, I can’t talk about goodness without bringing Aikido into it — actually I can’t talk about much of anything without bringing Aikido into it) is that, unlike yoga or a lot of Tai Chi study, you mostly practice with a partner. So essentially you’re working on developing yourself while interacting with another human being. Some of those people are wonderful. Some of them are real pains in the ass. Just like in real life.

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