Day 15 – The Log

A friend asked me the other day if I had taken a sabbatical from work to pursue The Goodness Project. Oh my, don’t I wish that were true! I can’t afford to take a year or even a month away from work. My freelance business is busier than ever, which is a good thing in terms of income and a not-so-good thing in terms of seeking goodness. Today, for example, was an income-producing day crammed up against the deadline of leaving town on Thursday, and I probably spent a total of 30 minutes thinking/pursuing The Goodness Project.

Where does that leave me? Uncertain. I don’t quite know how to fit the search for goodness into my already busy day. At the same time, I have no intention of dropping this project.

I’m also uncertain  about what to do next. Delve deep into my own psyche? Interview social psychologists and theologists about morality and what motivates our actions? Or, all of the above? Friends have suggested both. I want to do both. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

And so it goes.

May you have all the time you need.

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