Elena Kagan and the Power of Misconception

After yesterday’s post about how our own minds put us in perceptual boxes, I was delighted to discover Megan Hustad’s discussion of the mass media’s mass delusions about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. At issue was the fact that the media have apparently finally figured how to categorize Kagan. Channeling confused pundits, slapping their heads in wonder, Hustad wrotes:

Oh, I get it now! Kagan’s the funny fat chick! Cool! For reasons that elude me, American culture loves throwing out these binary options and then feigning — or is it real? — surprise when the world proves three-dimensional.

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One Response to Elena Kagan and the Power of Misconception

  1. I haven’t heard anyone say these things about Kagan. I oppose her for other reasons and I have done a post about her including videos where she does not seem to want to defend the 2nd amendment and dodges another important question. Iam not sure she is a fan of the constitution, the document she will be required to defend. Check out my post… I love getting new visitors and comment and appreciate the support.

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