Days 24 – 39: The Log

The very good news is that I returned from California to new paying work.  A lot of it. And today I now have more work on my plate than I’ve ever had before as a freelancer. (Wahoo!) Of course, the issue now is how to get it all done on deadline while keeping the quality high because I’m rather obsessive, compulsive about quality. I tend to assume the fetal position if I do an A- job rather than an A+ job.

All of which leads me to report on The Lost Days of the Search (TM). Most of the time, I’ve been making money, catching up on new assignments. I’ve also started some soul-searching essays to be posted later.

However, I also have to sheepishly admit that the transcription of my last interview has been delayed because I’m sending it to a transcription service. To do that, I have to download the audio onto my computer, and since I’ve never done that before, I’m dragging my feet. So sue me. And yes, I’m gonna give it a try sometime in the next few days. (Finger are crossed that I can actually make this work.)

Upcoming will be a few posts mulling over some fascinating bits of information I’ve stumbled over in the last 10 days.

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