Today in Goodness

Today’s quick hits from the goodness trail.

A lethal cocktail of religion, a failure of imagination, and market worship has boxed us into the Neverending Recession.

TED Global 2010 brings some hope with its theme And Now the Good News, exploring “new ideas, new science, new technology, new social and political thinking, new art and a new understanding of who we are.”

With a little help from M.C. Hammer, MBA students at Stanford University meander through definitions of “social good.” Money quote:

“Social good,” I reply, “is about how we help others.”

Talk shows and pundits are hazardous to our sense of morality. Darcia Narvaez brings sweet wisdom to our  judgmental media landscape.

You become what you spend your time doing. Harboring negative emotions about others will make you more likely to act against them. Nurturing positive feelings towards others will make it more likely that you will act with their best interests in mind. Which thoughts and feelings you foster in yourself makes all the difference for your moral behavior.

To round out this roundup of hits, here’s a post sent to me today by a friend. It’s entitled “Gazing Upon Goodness.” This seems surprisingly appropriate, given Narvaez’ discussion of the destructiveness of looking at others only in angry judgment.  From the DailyOM:

Our perception shapes the lives we lead because the universe adjusts itself almost instantly to our expectations. When we look for negativity, we are bound to come across it in abundance. Conversely, we create positive energy when we endeavor to see the goodness around us.

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