Thank You to My Family

I wouldn’t be able to post the full interview with Stanley Lombardo and Judy Roitman today without the support of my mother and brother. Without their OK, I also wouldn’t be able to fulfill this quest for goodness in the way I want. Even though my search will lead me to discuss difficult issues and painful moments from our shared past, they have both given me their permission to proceed.

No family is perfect. Every one has its joys and secrets. The fact that they have given me leave to write about secrets as well as joys shows their commitment. My family has always believed in the right of artists and writers to speak their truth. That passion, and their love for me led them to take deep breaths, swallow hard, and give me their blessing. I pray I don’t betray their trust in me. They are truly heroes.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you, brother. I love you both.

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