Beautiful, Isn’t It?

An upside down view of several of the Great Lakes.

I’m not writing about the election or anything else right now because I’m up to my ears in the final copy-edit of a publication I produce every year for a delightful bunch of academics. Not that I have a lot to say about the election that hasn’t already been said, although I am meditating on the goodness, or lack of it, of yesterday’s events.

As the pundits pontificate on this morning after the Big Bad Midterm, however, it’s worth noting how gorgeous our country looks when seen from afar. I’m a refugee from Michigan, living far from the Great Lakes on the wind-blasted Plains, and I’m missing the lakes today, so here’s a photo of my home as seen from Earth orbit. This NASA image came to me via a geology lecture on glacial landscape patterns, and it shows a deliciously crooked-eyed view of several of the lakes. If you can’t figure out what you’re looking at, turn your head to the right, and the top of the Michigan mitten should become clear.

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