The Many Forms of Goodness

Today I’m practicing one of the many forms of goodness: I’m taking care of myself. Finally there’s a little time for that, although I have to admit to feeling uneasy.

My time comes from being 99.99 percent finished with my big project, with only one short task to do sometime in the next week or so. (That’s the press check for my annual publication, which just went flying off to the printer.)

Meanwhile, I’m burbling full of ideas and plans for The Next Big Thing. But I’m also running-in-circles screaming-and-shouting stuck. For the life of me, and maybe it really is, I can’t seem to settle on the best next step because all I can see in front of every possibility is a big, honking wall. However, I did discover a wonderful post on writer burnout today, which is giving me lots to consider.

But the truly good news is that my brother and sister-in-law are due from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a visit this afternoon. (Yay!) And so, I’m giving myself a long weekend to hang out with folks I love, and to rest and refresh. I feel a tad guilty doing so. I have no answers for what’s next in my career, and my Inner Puritan is yelling that I must work, work, work until I figure it out.

I wonder if I can satisfy old IP by vacuuming?

And, so it goes in my life. May your weekend be full of dancing!

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2 Responses to The Many Forms of Goodness

  1. I liked that post on burnout, too. Enjoy your family and your weekend.

  2. Cindy Grantham says:

    I will dance this weekend. I hadn’t planned on it at all, really, but I will dance for two (or maybe more), just in case!

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