More Talk, Less Consensus

Here’s an interesting follow-up to Jon Stewart’s critique of our political speech. Miller-McCune reports on a new study showing evidence that the more we talk about political issues the more polarized we become.

The study’s lead author says:

“There’s a consensus among many of my colleagues that we have to get away from this idea where if we just provide more information, or if you just discuss the issue more, then everybody will come to the same viewpoint,” said North Carolina State assistant professor of communication Andrew Binder, the lead author of the new study. “It’s almost this deterministic notion that if you build it, they will come; if you give them the information, their eyes will be open and they’ll see it for all its glory, which doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Well, isn’t that grim. What do we do then? Beat political foes into submission? Not exactly, Binder and his colleagues seem to argue. The best bet may be to translate our talking points into different terms.

And so it goes on a very, VERY wet and increasingly dark Friday afternoon.

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One Response to More Talk, Less Consensus

  1. Rob Ramcharan says:

    The sun came out again Saturday. It always does.

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