Coming Attractions

As I catch up with some of what I’ve missed in the last month, I plan to post in the next few days on:

  • The University of Arizona’s response to the Tucson shooting
  • Krista Tippett on civil conversations and the art of listening
  • The transcript of my conversation with Duke Professor Ruth Grant on her own search for goodness

Meanwhile, I’m close to finishing and reviewing John Bradshaw’s book Reclaiming Virtue, which I think may hold the key to my entire search. Border’s going-out-of-business sale also provided me with a copy of Karen Armstrong’s new Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life and a book that had previously been unknown to me, Moral Clarity by Susan Neiman.

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3 Responses to Coming Attractions

  1. Kelley says:

    Yay! Looking forward to all of it…

  2. Gosh, I better look for the Armstrong. I fine all her work so rewarding, and I like the idea of the compassionate life. Maybe I’ll hit the Borders bankrupcty sale myself.

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