I’m back from Puerto Rico, tired, slightly sunburned, but happy. What a trip! I have a new appreciation of geology (and geologists), and have discovered that it’s far more fun to travel with a scientific purpose than a sightseeing goal. Outside of the airport in San Juan, we didn’t go anywhere near a tourist stop, and yet, in just a few days, I feel like I saw more of the real Puerto Rico than a tourist would. I’ve slept (some), done my laundry (piles) and am now jumping back into bread-on-the-table work (swamped).

Thanks to all who listened to my radio show. I’m so pleased to hear that I didn’t sound like a chipmunk (thanks Nancy!), although my mother says I talked awfully fast, but then what do mother’s know? More soon.

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One Response to Hello!

  1. I don’t think you talked too fast, either. In fact, I thought you spoke at the right pace, were very clear and articulate, and generally must have been a radio host’s dream interviewee. And I, who listen to radio a lot, am very picky about these things. There are radio programs I refuse to listen to because I find the host’s voice grating, just as an example.

    Oh, and welcome home!

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