Happy Golden Rule Day!

Soooooo, today is Golden Rule Day — an event that Karen Armstrong and the Charter for Compassion are pushing. I endorse their efforts. I’m just not so certain that I’m always Goodness Personified when it comes to the Golden Rule.

Today, in fact, I broke the Golden Rule, at least, in my thoughts when an editor questioned my ideas for a story. My thoughts about said soul were not sweet or even nice, to say the least, but I didn’t open my mouth and say what I thought, so perhaps, that IS practicing the Golden Rule. Here’s a video from Armstrong.

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2 Responses to Happy Golden Rule Day!

  1. Well, you motivated me to sign the charter. Though I can think of a long list of people I’m having trouble having compassion for at the moment, mostly because they are showing such an incredible lack of compassion for others. I find it very hard to be compassionate toward people who preach hate or steal from the poor to give to the rich.

  2. Linda Herzberg says:

    Isn’t the Golden Rule “do” unto others as you would have them do unto you. I think you can think what you want as long as you filter what you think when you are “doing”. I also believe you can have compassion, still not like what people do, and have thoughts that are not compassionate all the time. I can be angry or frustrated, or have any of a number of negative feelings. I try to get past the feelings and look at the person as a person who is not good or bad but just a person who is trying to get by or trying to do what they think is best at the time. When I look at them this way, it helps me get past the feelings and see the person as a human being who I can treat with compassion or at least with the Golden Rule. Sometimes it is very difficult to get to this point.

    The issue I have is when I have to distance myself because of the interaction between us being too negative for me. But then I try to remember that it is more compassionate to distance myself than to yell at that person. I also try to remember that it is the way I would want them to be with me if I set them off in a totally negative manner.

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