Dancing on Osama’s Grave, ctd.

My good friend Susan Cooper sends these thoughts along:

Wondering what, where, how this event will be part of your examination of “Good.” Another friend of mine on here likened the death of Bin Laden to the death of Hitler. Perhaps not a bad analogy …

I can certainly understand someone who has lost a loved one in 9/11 or during wartime wanting revenge or satisfaction of retaliation. While I am thankful that I have not been personally touched by such losses, I still mourn the loss of any soul to death or to evil. I am also feeling cautious about his death as the “end of terrorism.” Surely we know that’s not true. He hasn’t been sitting on his hands for 10 years. He has been the recognized as the “head” of Al-Qaeda, but that head is supported by a strong body of followers. I fear escalation and more bloodshed. But, even if I would have preferred less of a “celebration” of someone’s death, I know that there is likely no other way this was going to end. Bin Laden would never have allowed himself to be taken alive.

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1 Response to Dancing on Osama’s Grave, ctd.

  1. Linda Herzberg says:

    I was feeling left out in the cold when I heard about Osama Bin Ladin’s death. Like Susan, I knew it was going to happen eventually – he would not allow himself to be taken and the troops were too gung ho to get him. I just can’t get myself all excited about it. If he had been killed back after 9-11 I think his death would have had more of an impact. Now the terrorists have had time to work around him. An “expert” on the news this morning commented that Al-Qaeda should be thought of as a franchise and Bin Ladin as the figurehead founder. That analigy is pretty scary to me.

    I don’t feel any safer now that he is dead. I don’t feel excited or happy, but I also don’t feel sad or sorry. I have issues with the death penalty because of to many people being put to death when they did not commit the crime. However, in Bin Ladin’s case, I do believe he has caused the deaths of many people and has no regret. I am glad that he is not alive to cause any more terror but his name will live on in the hearts of Al-Qaeda and their funders.

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