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Cramming Goodness into a Box

My story on Duke Professor Ruth Grant is now online at the University of Chicago Magazine. An excerpt: “There is no form of goodness that’s good in every situation,” Grant says. “Nobody is a perfectly good person.” Whether someone can … Continue reading

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The Barriers to Action

This video is a good companion to my previous post. Here political activist Dave Meslin talks about the barriers that keep us from working to change the status quo, even when we want to change it. He’s talking about agitating … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Taking the Risk Out of War

War is an inherently unethical pursuit. Even a “just” war involves death on a massive scale. Even if you believe that some people should be killed, the too politely named “collateral damage” kills innocents. But at least in war each … Continue reading

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Is Goodness Possible Without Empathy?

Penn State Sociologist Sam Richards just took attendees at a TED conference on an experiment in empathy. Richards argues that sociology is impossible without empathy, but I think his radical experiment also shows something else: Goodness, at least in the … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Politics

One of my favorite Zen teachers, Judy Roitman, has written a column about ethics in politics. It’s well worth reading. Here’s a bit:

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Gov. Scott Walker and Goodness

A comment on the Facebook In Search of Goodness page has prompted me to consider whether or not Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a moral man. I’m swamped today with other work, so I’m interested in your take on these … Continue reading

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Wisconsin and Goodness

What the GOP just did in Wisconsin is a travesty, and it’s frightening. I suspect that Wisconsin’s Republican governor and legislative leaders think of themselves as being good. I’ve covered legislatures, and I doubt that few lawmakers would take such … Continue reading

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