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Was My Father Evil?

I’ve written about how my politics, my work as a journalist, and my life as a lesbian led me to the quest for goodness, but I’ve never explored the deeper reason I’m doing this. My journey didn’t begin a year … Continue reading

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Fred Phelps and Hell on Earth

I know this is a blog about goodness, but I believe we have to look at evil to understand good, particularly when that evil is couched in terms of righteousness. The Rev. Fred Phelps commits evil every day, and he … Continue reading

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Roitman & Lombardo Pt 1: Goodness Doesn’t Exist

I’m not interested in what goodness is because I don’t think there is such a thing. What I am interested in, for example in your situation, you want to write about your childhood. In writing about your childhood, you are … Continue reading

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