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On the Passing of Philippa Foot

I’m just a babe when it comes to the formal study of morality, so it was with joy and sadness that I learned today of the work of Philippa Foot. The British philosopher helped establish virtue ethics, of which I’ve … Continue reading

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Our Morally Stressed Culture

Today I came across research that prompted me to consider a rather nasty question: Is our culture so stressed and dysfunctional that we are swiftly becoming incapable of acting morally? The first warning note was sounded by Notre Dame Psychologist … Continue reading

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Sam Harris and the Dangerous Quest

I’m beginning to understand Sam Harris’ argument. He’s seeking an alternative to religion as the basis for morality, and he’s seeing morality as the core issue of our time. In a presentation and lengthy discussion at the Edge Foundation conference … Continue reading

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Morality Researcher Under Investigation

What happens to the field of moral psychology when one of its most prominent researchers is under investigation for tampering with his findings? This question is anything but academic since the news broke this week about a years-long investigation at … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Liberal

It’s been weeks since the Edge Foundation held its amazing conference on The New Science of Morality, and I still haven’t been able to digest all that was discussed. I couldn’t attend this select meeting, but like many other people, … Continue reading

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