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Ruth Grant Asks “What Does a Good Life Look Like?”

The first of my two interviews with Duke political scientist and philosopher Ruth Grant occurred on Jan. 12, 2011. There was too much material from even that one interview to squeeze into my magazine article about her work, so here’s … Continue reading

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Cramming Goodness into a Box

My story on Duke Professor Ruth Grant is now online at the University of Chicago Magazine. An excerpt: “There is no form of goodness that’s good in every situation,” Grant says. “Nobody is a perfectly good person.” Whether someone can … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico and Still Scrambling

Hello! I’m still here, and still scrambling to get a handle on my new schedule. Hence the light posting this week. But honestly,  more is coming. I’ve got a post on the ever-popular topic of Return on Investment coming up … Continue reading

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The Trajectory of Moral Progress

The thought for the day is from my recent interview with Duke Professor Ruth Grant: (W)e have ambivalence about whether we are on a trajectory of moral progress or a trajectory of moral corruption. We have some sense that things … Continue reading

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Help Me Sell a Book on Goodness

In June I began my quest to understand morality and how it guides and hobbles us.  Now I need your help. I need to raise interest in a book on goodness, and I can’t do that if I can’t convince … Continue reading

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I Enter the 21st Century

I’m rather proud of myself today as I have conquered yet another piece of technology.  I’ve finally figured out Skype, which as my friends suggested isn’t at all hard. And through the miracle of an inexpensive bit of software, I’ve … Continue reading

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