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Marc Hauser Resigns from Harvard

This blog doesn’t usually keep track of news, but I did want to note that Psychology Professor Marc Hauser has resigned from Harvard. Hauser is the morality researcher who has been accused of scientific misconduct, and I covered the investigation … Continue reading

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What Marc Hauser Did

As folks continue to chuckle or despair over the spectacle of a morality researcher caught in an act of immorality, more details are emerging about Harvard Professor Marc Hauser’s scientific misconduct. Slate provides a good overview of Hauser’s problematic research … Continue reading

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We May Be Hard Wired To Be Moral

Yale Psychologist Paul Bloom believes human beings are hard-wired to be moral. During the discussion of his work at the Edge Foundation conference on the New Science of Morality, Bloom clarifies that he’s more hesitant about his conclusions than he … Continue reading

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Updating – Morality Researcher Found Guilty of Misconduct

The other shoe has dropped for Harvard researcher Marc Hauser with the announcement that he has been found guilty of scientific misconduct. In a well written and interesting piece, Florida State Professor Michael Ruse puts this in context and argues … Continue reading

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Morality Researcher Under Investigation

What happens to the field of moral psychology when one of its most prominent researchers is under investigation for tampering with his findings? This question is anything but academic since the news broke this week about a years-long investigation at … Continue reading

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