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Sam Harris and the Incredible, Shrinking Idea

I’m going to do something I rarely do. I’m going to recommend that you NOT buy a book. That’s because there is no there there, no beef on the bun of Sam Harris’ already bestselling The Moral Landscape. Harris throws … Continue reading

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The Stickiness of God

Happy Monday to you! In today’s Must Read, Emory University Professor Frans De Waal writes in The New York Times that human morality wasn’t born in religion. But that doesn’t mean we’ll ever be free of God. (F)emale chimpanzees have … Continue reading

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On the Passing of Philippa Foot

I’m just a babe when it comes to the formal study of morality, so it was with joy and sadness that I learned today of the work of Philippa Foot. The British philosopher helped establish virtue ethics, of which I’ve … Continue reading

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Goodness is in the Eye of the Beholder

Most of us understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s idea of splendor is another person’s notion of revolting, but could the same be true of goodness? Robert Wright says it is, particularly when it … Continue reading

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