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My First Theory of Goodness

My year is up. No more dodging the issue. It’s time for me to answer my own question: What is goodness? To do that, however, I have to first talk about God, moral codes and baseball.

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Should Goodness Ever Be Defined, or What Have I Done?

No more dodging the issue for me. Tomorrow is the 365th day of my quest, which means I have to finally give you my definition of goodness. Before I went to WisCon last week, I drafted that post, loaded it … Continue reading

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An Aspiration

A wise friend suggested to me the other day that goodness is not a state of being, or even a set of actions. Goodness, she said, is an aspiration. “I start each day seeking to be good and always fail, … Continue reading

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Dictionary Definitions of Goodness provides some quick definitions of goodness. From the Unabridged, based on the Random House Dictionary, (c) Random House, Inc., 2010, goodness is: the state or quality of being good. moral excellence; virtue. kindly feeling; kindness; generosity. excellence of … Continue reading

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