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My Christianity Problem, ctd.

I’m beginning to think I wrote a litmus test, not a blog post in Monday’s “Wherein I Confess To My Christianity Problem.” In comments I’ve received in private conversations, here on this blog, on Facebook and on Bilerico where I … Continue reading

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Wherein I Confess To My Christianity Problem

I should probably turn in my goodness card. I blew up — via email — at a well-meaning Christian who wrote to tell me that all I needed was prayer to find the Holy Spirit. This happened about a week … Continue reading

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Coming Attraction

Coming Monday: Wherein I Confess To My Christianity Problem

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What’s the Path to 21st Century Enlightenment?

Matthew Taylor presents a provocative idea about how we should launch a new enlightenment in the 21st Century. Taylor is chief executive of the RSA. He wants us to consider a new morality based, in part, on empathy to guide … Continue reading

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Once Again Sam Harris Tries To Explain His New Book

Sam Harris’ pre-release publicity tour for his new book The Moral Landscape continues, as he once again tries to explain his point. This new Q & A on his website provides a good overview. I find his discussion of the … Continue reading

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We May Be Hard Wired To Be Moral

Yale Psychologist Paul Bloom believes human beings are hard-wired to be moral. During the discussion of his work at the Edge Foundation conference on the New Science of Morality, Bloom clarifies that he’s more hesitant about his conclusions than he … Continue reading

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The Meditate and Pray-a-thon ctd.

I did it. My goal was to meditate and pray every day for seven days, and I succeeded. Wahoo for me! This turned out to be far easier than I had expected because once I made the commitment, I discovered … Continue reading

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Updating – Morality Researcher Found Guilty of Misconduct

The other shoe has dropped for Harvard researcher Marc Hauser with the announcement that he has been found guilty of scientific misconduct. In a well written and interesting piece, Florida State Professor Michael Ruse puts this in context and argues … Continue reading

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Goodness Comes from the Gut, or Does It?

Is goodness a gift from God, the result of reasoned thought, or something else far more visceral? And if the gut reigns, then how can we ever pull ourselves out of the moral mud? Two reports this week offer perspective, … Continue reading

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Acts of Goodness

My friend Marcia Epstein has committed an act goodness. Yay Marcia! She writes on Facebook: Diane, in your honor: This evening I bought groceries and the cashier was not having a good day. So I added a Snickers to the … Continue reading

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Update on the Meditate and Pray-a-thon

I’ve kept my word. Every day this week I’ve added meditation and prayer to my morning routine. The results have been interesting. I start by meditating for 15 to 20 minutes and then I pray, and then I, ah, cry. … Continue reading

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Our Morally Stressed Culture

Today I came across research that prompted me to consider a rather nasty question: Is our culture so stressed and dysfunctional that we are swiftly becoming incapable of acting morally? The first warning note was sounded by Notre Dame Psychologist … Continue reading

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Sam Harris and the Dangerous Quest

I’m beginning to understand Sam Harris’ argument. He’s seeking an alternative to religion as the basis for morality, and he’s seeing morality as the core issue of our time. In a presentation and lengthy discussion at the Edge Foundation conference … Continue reading

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Practicing Goodness ctd.

I appreciate the suggestions folks posted about how I might practice goodness for the rest of this quest. Yesterday, however, while sitting in a car with the air conditioning runningĀ  and deep in an unexpected conversation, I took the leap … Continue reading

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The Rich and Goodness

If there is any validity to new research, then we finally have a scientific rationale for what Jesus noted all those many years ago. From the King James Bible: And again I say unto you, It is easier for a … Continue reading

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