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Pushing Evangelicals to Mature

With his new book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, evangelical pastor Rob Bell has apparently infuriated his religious colleagues by proposing the heretical idea that God saves everyone — … Continue reading

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The Barriers to Action

This video is a good companion to my previous post. Here political activist Dave Meslin talks about the barriers that keep us from working to change the status quo, even when we want to change it. He’s talking about agitating … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Taking the Risk Out of War

War is an inherently unethical pursuit. Even a “just” war involves death on a massive scale. Even if you believe that some people should be killed, the too politely named “collateral damage” kills innocents. But at least in war each … Continue reading

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Daily Log – Day 328

Thirty-seven days. That’s the time I have left in this quest. ¬†Eleven months ago I thought a year was more than enough time to figure out my own answer to the question: What is goodness? Hah! Was I a fool … Continue reading

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Projecting Ourselves Onto Others

Miller-McCune’s story about conspiracy theorists got me thinking about projection. That’s the psychological mechanism wherein we each think the other guy is us. We believe that he/she has the same motives, same ideas, same approaches that we do. In other … Continue reading

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Is Goodness Possible Without Empathy?

Penn State Sociologist Sam Richards just took attendees at a TED conference on an experiment in empathy. Richards argues that sociology is impossible without empathy, but I think his radical experiment also shows something else: Goodness, at least in the … Continue reading

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Happy Golden Rule Day!

Soooooo, today is Golden Rule Day — an event that Karen Armstrong and the Charter for Compassion are pushing. I endorse their efforts. I’m just not so certain that I’m always Goodness Personified when it comes to the Golden Rule. … Continue reading

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