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Goodness By Any Other Name

Any search for goodness is probably doomed to wander through the wilds of religion at some point. Variations on political themes will undoubtedly slither through the under brush. Philosophies, moral codes, science and clashing systems of ethics can be expected … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Even Bore Myself

I’m in awe of my friend Jennifer Lawler, who writes so movingly about raising Jessica. I wish I had half of Jennifer’s talent. But this morning in meditation I finally stopped picking at myself for spending the last few days … Continue reading

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Sam Harris and the Incredible, Shrinking Idea

I’m going to do something I rarely do. I’m going to recommend that you NOT buy a book. That’s because there is no there there, no beef on the bun of Sam Harris’ already bestselling The Moral Landscape. Harris throws … Continue reading

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Coming Attraction: A Review of The Moral Landscape

I’ve finished the book that’s set off  a tsunami in the world of goodness thought, and I’m working on a review. I’ve already got a title: “Sam Harris and the Incredible Shrinking Idea.” Stay tuned.

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The Stickiness of God

Happy Monday to you! In today’s Must Read, Emory University Professor Frans De Waal writes in The New York Times that human morality wasn’t born in religion. But that doesn’t mean we’ll ever be free of God. (F)emale chimpanzees have … Continue reading

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The Will of God

This will teach me to tune into PBS. Tuesday night I was watching Abraham Lincoln grapple with the religious implications of the Civil War when my brain spit out a disconcerting thought: In searching for goodness, am I really seeking … Continue reading

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Test Post and Frustration

There’s something very weird going on with the WordPress. (Gremlins, I swear!) I have a post prepared, and I hope I can get it up no later than tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

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On the Passing of Philippa Foot

I’m just a babe when it comes to the formal study of morality, so it was with joy and sadness that I learned today of the work of Philippa Foot. The British philosopher helped establish virtue ethics, of which I’ve … Continue reading

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The Goodness of Integrity

Today is National Coming Out Day, so it seems appropriate to note that there is nothing more important to the search for goodness than integrity. The dictionary on my iMac defines “integrity” as “the quality of being honest and having … Continue reading

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The Dalai Lama, Responsibility and Us

To cleanse the palate from my previous post, here’s the Dalai Lama: I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to … Continue reading

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Fred Phelps and Hell on Earth

I know this is a blog about goodness, but I believe we have to look at evil to understand good, particularly when that evil is couched in terms of righteousness. The Rev. Fred Phelps commits evil every day, and he … Continue reading

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Sam Harris and the Truck-Sized Hole in the Book

Flaming arrows are heading Sam Harris’ way because of his new book, The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values. The problem, says my old blogging friend Josh Rosenau, is the truck-sized hole in the middle of Harris’ argument. … Continue reading

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Fred Phelps and Goodness

The Rev. Fred Phelps claims to speak for God, and today the Westboro Baptist Church preacher gets to make his case to the U.S. Supreme Court. A friend noted this morning that all the media attention is probably a dream … Continue reading

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A New Moral Landscape from Sam Harris

Sam Harris’ new book, The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values, is out today. I’m anxious to read it, but Harris’ tendency to squeeze the complexity out of life may render his musings unpalatable. Witness these thoughts from … Continue reading

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Finally Crawling Out From Under…

… all of that work. There is more exertion to come, but wonder of wonders, I can actually concentrate on the Goodness Project — for now. Be still my heart.

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