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Is Goodness Possible Without Empathy?

Penn State Sociologist Sam Richards just took attendees at a TED conference on an experiment in empathy. Richards argues that sociology is impossible without empathy, but I think his radical experiment also shows something else: Goodness, at least in the … Continue reading

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My Christianity Problem ctd.

My Christianity post continues to wander around the net, collecting comments and links (Thanks to Zoe Pollock and Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish.). For days now I’ve been thinking about one of the 65 comments that popped up on Bilerico. This … Continue reading

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We Live or Die By Our Stories

I suspect most of you will remember the first news story I’m going to tell, but I wonder if you have even heard of the second. I didn’t until I stumbled on the story this week in a new book. … Continue reading

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Roitman & Lombardo Pt 4: Compassion and Wisdom

STAN: But ultimately you return to the group, you return to the world. JUDY: Don’t leave off walking meditation. STAN: And (we also do) walking meditation, which many people see as a form of relief between the periods of sitting … Continue reading

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Love, Truth and Motherhood

This is the most beautiful — and devastating — post I’ve ever read. It’s about mothering a seriously ill child who is facing yet another surgery and yet another chance at death. It’s written by my good friend, Jennifer, and … Continue reading

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Today in Goodness

Quick hits from the goodness trail. Bloggers at The Washington Post’s On Faith site discuss whether the environmental crisis of the Gulf oil spill is also a moral crisis. Today’s college students appear to be suffering from an empathy deficit, … Continue reading

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