These fine folks have provided financial support for The Goodness Project. Their vision has made this quest possible.

Colleen McKee Zimmerman

I have NO idea what goodness is, which is why I am supporting your effort. Before I know the findings of your quest, I would suggest that goodness is personally defined by each individual and the variety of definitions will be as wide as the number of people you interview. I do, however, hope goodness has nothing to do with religion. If a person is only good because of an obligation to a god or to solidify their place in the after world, then I don’t believe that person has the capacity of being authentically good.

Nancy Jane Moore

I believe the core of goodness comes from compassion and empathy. Mere good behavior is a hollow thing unless it is accompanied by real caring for other human beings. Fortunately, awareness and concern about others seems to be something humans are born with, according to recent scientific studies. Perhaps goodness is even our natural state.

In the martial art of Aikido, we talk about the concept of ai nuke — resolving a conflict without harming either yourself or the person attacking you. To me, that is the highest form of goodness because it incorporates both respect for yourself and for others. That leads me to the conclusion that being good involves loving yourself and loving others, even others who hate you. I’m working on that.

Joan Silver

Goodness is not doing harm to anyone else, and not doing harm to yourself. If you’re not good to yourself, you can’t be good to anyone else because you don’t know what goodness is, but there’s more to goodness than that. It’s a hard thing to define. An awful lot depends on the age of the person answering the question, and what they’ve gone through in their lives. That’s the kind of question you can only answer after you’ve been around for a while. I hate to sound like a little, old lady, but I am. People can be miserable people and then turn themselves around after they’ve found out what goodness is.

Margaret Warner

Goodness is…..
…the warm words and caring eyes expressed by strangers as I walk my dog Chezney down the street with his bandaged paw and cone helmet on…
…the folks who give up their Saturday mornings to serve at the Link Kitchen….
…my brother adopting 2 brothers with special needs…
…Country Music Star Chely Wright coming out as a lesbian, knowing that it might jeopardize her career, because as she put it….”it’s the right thing to do”….
…allowing myself time and space to meditate….

* * *

If you would like to be part of The Goodness Project and help me in my quest to understand goodness, please give now.

Thank you so much!


*If you have any problem with PayPal or want to contact me, just e-mail me at hopeandpolitics(at)


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