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Goodness is the Wrong Question

Plato’s concept of goodness and the startling thought that my entire project could be based on a fallacy were among the topics Stanley Lombardo, Judith Roitman and I tossed around during a 70-minute conversation yesterday. I kid you not when … Continue reading

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What Comes Next

Sometimes the only workable path is to go straight through — a solution the Pacific found in drilling this archway through an island. One of the paths I haven’t tried yet in my quest for goodness is to drill through … Continue reading

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Days 17 – 23: The Log

Hushed. The three-note call of a single bird. Hushed again. Even our footsteps were swallowed by the immensity of the place. My son and I entered the Armstrong Redwoods Reserve chattering and then found ourselves whispering. Finally, we fell silent. … Continue reading

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The Goodness of Travel

Whenever I take a trip, whether for pleasure or business, I set a goal for myself before I leave. (Obviously, I lean toward obsessiveness, but that’s a topic for another day.) As I pack my bags or board the plane, … Continue reading

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Another Financial Supporter Joins the Quest!

I’m pleased to announce the addition of Colleen McKee Zimmerman to the list of donors to The Goodness Project. Thank you so much for joining the quest for goodness! Your support makes my work possible.

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Praising God

Here’s the full transcript of my June 10 interview with Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg. We chatted over lunch at the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kan. My biggest surprise? Caryn’s stated purpose in life. DIANE: To ask you the hard … Continue reading

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Day 15 – The Log

A friend asked me the other day if I had taken a sabbatical from work to pursue The Goodness Project. Oh my, don’t I wish that were true! I can’t afford to take a year or even a month away … Continue reading

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