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What’s God Got To Do With Goodness?

The question of moral goodness can’t be considered without looking at religion. After all, religious leaders have been declaring themselves to be the true arbiters of goodness for thousands of years. But does God really have anything to do with … Continue reading

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Pushing Evangelicals to Mature

With his new book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, evangelical pastor Rob Bell has apparently infuriated his religious colleagues by proposing the heretical idea that God saves everyone — … Continue reading

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Owning Our Dark Side

Sometimes I think I sound like a wimp in political arguments. I’m forever talking about the mistakes and frailties of my own side, instead of slamming full speed into the weakness of my political opponents. Conducting an all-out assault on … Continue reading

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Pema Chodron Explains Basic Goodness

Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron discusses goodness and the trap of getting caught up in ourselves. She says we get so twisted around that we “can’t see others because of our own pain.”

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Christians May Irk, but Christmas Doesn’t

I am well-known for my disagreements with Christianity and certain Christians. Christmas, though, just melts my heart. There’s the fact that presents are involved, and I do love presents. But there’s something else about Christmas that snared me when I … Continue reading

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God and Goodness Yet Again

A visitor has once again raised the question of God’s relationship to goodness over on my  Question page. Because folks sometimes forget to visit that page, I’m alerting you to our discussion.  federfluesterin writes: If one could, for once, imagine … Continue reading

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Prayer for the Unbeliever

I don’t believe in a God who sits up in heaven, or anywhere else. I don’t believe in a God who answers prayers. I don’t believe in a God who needs to be praised, placated, or appealed to. At this … Continue reading

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