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Interesting Read: Science Explores Giving

USA Today has a good overview of new research into the origins of generosity. The answer may be in our parenting, our mother-child bonds or our hormones.

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God and Wealth

Gary Laderman rants today about religion, Republicans, the Tea Party, the cult of capitalism, and in the process raises some interesting questions for me in my quest for goodness: A few questions may help make the case about the intimate, … Continue reading

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My Reverse Bucket List

A bucket list is supposed to be the checklist of things you “swear you’re going to do before you die.”  The concept was made into a 2007 movie. There’s even a bucket list social network designed to help you keep … Continue reading

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Goodness Personified

Twenty-five years ago today, my son was born. That’s goodness. I am so blessed.

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The Tea Party, Karma and Torture

Yesterday we heard from Virginia Psychology Professor Jonathan Haidt about how tea partiers aren’t crazy; they just believe in karma. Today comes word of research showing that those who support torture don’t care as much about gaining information as they … Continue reading

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Tea Partiers Aren’t Crazy

As writer Nancy Jane Moore and I continue to tussle over the fine art of debating people who look to us to be whacked-out politically crazy, Virginia Psychology Professor Jonathan Haidt argues that we’re missing the point. Tea Partiers are … Continue reading

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Yet Another Fellow Traveler: John Bradshaw

On the recommendation of a friend, I just started reading John Bradshaw’s book, Reclaiming Virtue, and may I say that it’s such a relief after wading through the casual cruelty and skim-the-surface rigidity of Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape.

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The Most Fellow of Fellow Travelers

One of the things that has frustrated the heck out of me has been my inability to find anyone else who’s walking the goodness trail. I can find lots of people slogging through the muddy woods to find happiness or … Continue reading

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More Talk, Less Consensus

Here’s an interesting follow-up to Jon Stewart’s critique of our political speech. Miller-McCune reports on a new study showing evidence that the more we talk about political issues the more polarized we become.

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Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart Talk Civility and Politics

The Goodness Project has always been one part personal quest and one part political journey. The issue of politics reared its ugly snout because of my experiences as a political reporter, a staff member on a couple of campaigns and … Continue reading

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I Enter the 21st Century

I’m rather proud of myself today as I have conquered yet another piece of technology.  I’ve finally figured out Skype, which as my friends suggested isn’t at all hard. And through the miracle of an inexpensive bit of software, I’ve … Continue reading

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Thanks Charles!

Many thanks to Charles Warren for tackling the Big Question. He writes elsewhere on this blog: What is goodness? This is a great question because it stimulates us, or at least me, to think about how I have lived my … Continue reading

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The Many Forms of Goodness

Today I’m practicing one of the many forms of goodness: I’m taking care of myself. Finally there’s a little time for that, although I have to admit to feeling uneasy.

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Beautiful, Isn’t It?

I’m not writing about the election or anything else right now because I’m up to my ears in the final copy-edit of a publication I produce every year for a delightful bunch of academics. Not that I have a lot … Continue reading

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How’s That Trust Thing Going?

It’s official. This year’s midterm is the nastiest election in recent history. And after all this viciousness, we’re all just gonna sit down and make nice? We’re gonna work together? We’re gonna trust each other? And a society without trust … Continue reading

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