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The Ice Storm Blues

Just a quick housekeeping note to let you know that an ice storm has my electricity flickering on and off. We just went back on after a 2-hour outage, but I have little faith this is gonna hold. If I … Continue reading

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In Search of the Altruism Gene

A new study from the University of Bonn finds evidence of an altruism gene: While researchers have had evidence for years that altruistic behavior is at least partly influenced by genetics, that evidence has come mainly from studies of twins … Continue reading

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The Trajectory of Moral Progress

The thought for the day is from my recent interview with Duke Professor Ruth Grant: (W)e have ambivalence about whether we are on a trajectory of moral progress or a trajectory of moral corruption. We have some sense that things … Continue reading

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JFK, Tucson and Fear

In the wake of the Tucson shootings and liberal concerns about political rhetoric, our honorable opposition on the right has taken to yelling, “FOUL!” Right-wing commentators claim that progressives’ concerns about rhetoric aren’t real concerns; they’re politics. This scream has … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions

Finally, I’m finishing up the long-promised post about the Tucson shootings. The post is called “JFK, Tucson and Fear,” and I’ll publish it tomorrow.

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No Man’s Land

Keith adds an intriguing comment to an old post about Sam Harris: The specific answer as to why people get angry about such issues is, I think, that the topic of morality seems to sit in a no man’s land … Continue reading

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Pain May Ease Guilt

Morality, goodness and guilt appear to me to be mixed together. Regular run-of-the-mill guilt might help regulate our actions and make us more ethical. Over-sized guilt might lead us to act out against ourselves or others. So, is this University … Continue reading

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