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Is Goodness Possible Without Empathy?

Penn State Sociologist Sam Richards just took attendees at a TED conference on an experiment in empathy. Richards argues that sociology is impossible without empathy, but I think his radical experiment also shows something else: Goodness, at least in the … Continue reading

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Happy Golden Rule Day!

Soooooo, today is Golden Rule Day — an event that Karen Armstrong and the Charter for Compassion are pushing. I endorse their efforts. I’m just not so certain that I’m always Goodness Personified when it comes to the Golden Rule. … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Taylor as Goodness Personified

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would claim that Elizabeth Taylor was goodness personified. Reading this post, however, about how she stood up for people with AIDS when few others did, there seems to be no other … Continue reading

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Gov. Scott Walker and Goodness

A comment on the Facebook In Search of Goodness page has prompted me to consider whether or not Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a moral man. I’m swamped today with other work, so I’m interested in your take on these … Continue reading

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Brene Brown Answers My Questions

Storyteller and social work researcher Brene Brown has just answered the central questions of my quest for goodness, or at least most of them. I have asked: What is goodness? What enables human beings to be good? What trips us … Continue reading

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Goodness Personified by a Brahmin in India

“Food is one part; love is another,” says Narayanan Krishnan of his work with the poor. He’s one of CNN’s 2010 heroes. All of them look like goodness personified to me.

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Kansas City’s Secret Santa Personifies Goodness

What better time of year is there to update my list of those who personify goodness than  in the holiday season? Updatee No. 1 is the unknown soul who is wandering around Kansas City these days, giving out $100 bills. … Continue reading

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