Plato Enters the Fray

One of the delights of the first week of my quest is that folks are sending me quotes about the topic of goodness. Here’s one from Plato:

Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.

Thanks Melissa!

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2 Responses to Plato Enters the Fray

  1. Of course, good people can’t always agree on what “act responsibly” means, which is why we need laws. Laws give us a way to resolve a conflict even when it’s between two good people. I strongly suspect that goodness is not something with an absolute and universal definition.

    But you know, this quote really takes me back to a question a little boy asked me once when I was teaching karate to kids and was giving them some advice about when to use what they learned (probably “only on bad people”). He asked, “Why are there bad people in the world?” I couldn’t answer it then, and I can’t answer it now.

  2. dianesilver says:

    My immediate gut reaction is to say that there are universals, have to be universals, but ask me again in a year. As to why there are bad people in the world, I have some hunches, but they feel unformed and uninformed. Of course, that’s why I’m doing this; I want to find some answers!

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