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The Meditation and Pray-a-thon ctd.

An interesting thing happened in meditation this morning. As often occurs, a thought leaped into my brain and made me look: I don’t have to struggle, I thought. For the rest of this meditation, I can just be. No worries. … Continue reading

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The Continuing Saga of Meditation and Prayer

I’m one month into my meditate pray-a-thon, and I have to admit that this is both easier and far harder than I expected. I thought I’d stumble over my schedule and be unable to apply butt to seat to keep … Continue reading

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The Meditate and Pray-a-thon ctd.

I did it. My goal was to meditate and pray every day for seven days, and I succeeded. Wahoo for me! This turned out to be far easier than I had expected because once I made the commitment, I discovered … Continue reading

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Update on the Meditate and Pray-a-thon

I’ve kept my word. Every day this week I’ve added meditation and prayer to my morning routine. The results have been interesting. I start by meditating for 15 to 20 minutes and then I pray, and then I, ah, cry. … Continue reading

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Practicing Goodness ctd.

I appreciate the suggestions folks posted about how I might practice goodness for the rest of this quest. Yesterday, however, while sitting in a car with the air conditioning running  and deep in an unexpected conversation, I took the leap … Continue reading

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How Do You Practice Goodness?

I’m not only seeking an intellectual understanding of goodness on this quest, but also a path to practicing goodness. The problem, of course, is figuring out how to actually do that. In other words, how exactly does a human being … Continue reading

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